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Our Eight Principles of Belief
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The MPE Philosophy


The welfare of students must be placed above all other considerations. Our top priority is the education of children.


Educators are professionals and must be compensated adequately both with respect and salary commensurate with the training, experience, and the importance of their work.


As educators, we encourage respect for our profession through the practice of the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.


Teachers, administrators, parents and students should work together to promote a positive environment to promote learning. Each group must interact with responsibility to and respect for others.


Students have the right to an uninterrupted education. Therefore, MPE will not participate in strikes, threats of strikes, walkouts, or other such actions.


The teaching and practice of citizenship rights and responsibilities in our democracy should be a high priority for every educator. As individuals, educators should be actively involved in the political process. However, as an organization MPE does not participate in the campaign of any candidate or political party.


Every employee and every group should have the right to appear before the Board of Trustees. No one group should ever be privileged to the exclusion of others.


Educators should not be forced to join or pay unified dues to any organization and we will work diligently to keep Mississippi teachers from ever being placed in such a position.