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MPE President's Message
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A Message from Cheryl Howard, MPE President

Cheryl Howard, MPE President

Take Advantage of Others? Or Take Advantage of Others!

Since I have “hooked” you with my title, let me elaborate. Take advantage of the career teachers in education; they have a wealth of strategies and knowledge that can be of great benefit for other teachers who are new, as well as not so new, to the field of education. 

Take advantage of scholarships that are available to grow your brain and add to and build your knowledge. MPE offers scholarships for just that. All you have to do is be a member for one year and apply. If you have any problems or questions with the process, contact Barbie at our MPE office. She is always more than willing to help our applicants.

Take advantage of professional development sessions that are available; there are many that are of no cost to you. MPE offers sessions across the state, with free CEU credits for members.  Share your findings with fellow teachers. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Always be willing to try new ideas and teaching strategies with and for your students; if it works, share, share, share. I enjoy attending sessions that are not my subject area or grade range to get ideas that can be modified or adjusted to fit my grade level or subject area. 

Take advantage of mentors and mentees. There is so much to be learned from career teachers and teachers just entering the field of education. I love mentoring new teachers. They give me a fresh outlook and many new ideas for the classroom and lessons. New teachers need leadership and guidance, but along the way will inspire and light your fire for teaching with their eagerness to teach.

Take advantage of freebies and store teacher discounts.  So many businesses offer discounts for teachers, not only classroom supplies but at restaurants and other stores as well. I always make a point to ask if a business has a teacher discount. My husband and I got a discount when we bought his truck because I am a TEACHER!

Take advantage of a rewarding career. My philosophy about teaching being a rewarding career is: If I teach one child one thing every day, that’s 180 school days, and look at what I have accomplished. Now if I reach more than one child, my rewards begin to multiply. So let’s look at this a little closer; at the end of 180 days, I have been rewarded many times over and I am feeling pretty awesome! Do this for thirty-two years like I have and my rewards continue to multiply. Yep, I know I am pretty awesome now! I get to see students succeed even after they leave elementary, middle, junior high, high school, and college knowing I played a part in their success. Again, my rewards continue to multiply! Rewards come in many forms, such as a smile, a hug, a complete lesson, or lesson activity, reading a book or working an equation, graduation, even a phone call or message from a former student to say, “Thank you for being THAT TEACHER.” Regardless of how big or small the accomplishment, it is a reward!  So why not “take advantage of others” to benefit yourself, your students, and someone else?